You’ve started your dream business. You have put the blood, sweat and tears into getting yourself off the ground and out there… but you are finding yourself struggling with time. Time management is a huge concern for every business owner, but if you delve deeper into why you are experiencing loss of time, you will find that you are spending a huge portion of your time on admin.

Delegating for any business owner can be very tricky, especially since you have put everything you have got into building your start-up, but the reality is, it is time to let go. Let me explain why….

A Virtual Assistant is your right-hand necessity for your business. Not only do you save money by hiring a VA, as you do not pay any costs that are associated with a full-time PA based in your office, but you get exactly what you pay for. A VA can handle a wide-range of tasks for you, ranging from:

  • Diary management
  • Managing your busy email inbox
  • Managing of teams
  • Overseeing projects
  • Creating and managing your social media
  • Following up with your clients
    Making payments on your behalf
    Creating invoices
  • Booking and arranging your full-spectrum of travel arrangements, visas, itineraries and much more
  • Setting up meetings, interviews and conference calls
  • Transcribing of meeting notes and important recordings
    Market your business for you

As you can see the list is endless. What’s great about using a VA is the flexibility associated with an online business. You can select precisely which tasks you want to hand over to her, and add more later onto your portfolio as you go along and learn to trust and delegate more and more to her as she proves herself over time. You will start finding yourself having more and more time to spend on focusing on the extremely important matters at hand, such as, growing your client base, managing your portfolio and strategizing the future of your business, whilst your VA manages the entire back-end of your business on your behalf.

In the beginning it may feel foreign to work with someone who is remotely based, so my biggest advice is to take the time out right at the beginning of your journey with her to:

  • Find out what her skillset is
  • Have a call with the VA to see if you are a good fit for one another
  • Go through a good on-boarding process, so that you both know how to work going forward
  • Set her up for training in the beginning, it might sound like a lot of work to do this, but your business will benefit from this at the end of the day, as once she is familiar with the tasks you need help with and how you prefer to work, she can safely manage all these functions for you, knowing what your preferences are and how you would like things to be done going forward
  • Make sure you are clear on her working hours, many VA’s are flexible with their working hours and some VA’s have set brackets that they perform tasks in
  • It would also be advisable to make sure you are clear on her retainer packages and when payments need to be made

If you are ready to triple your business results, I am an international Virtual Assistant, who provides an outstanding quality of work to my clients. You are more than welcome to get in touch with me here should you want to find out more information.