By now the world Virtual Assistant is something that is being used globally. VA’s have become a very popular business add-on. If you haven’t heard of a Virtual Assistant as yet, she is someone who works for herself, based at her own location and works solely online. A VA usually has an admin or a Personal Assistant background, but normally offer a greater skillset, consisting of marketing, social media, HR admin functions and so much more.

The reason why a VA is so appealing to a client is that clients do not pay for anything related to a permanent employee as the VA usually takes care of all that herself as a business owner. Saving clients’ up to 50% more money. Working online together also means that business costs stay at a minimum as everything gets done virtually, using WIFI and cutting out any other logistical costs associated with an office setup.

When hiring a Virtual Assistant there are three important aspects for you to keep in mind:

  1. Cheaper does not always equal better, sometimes paying more for a VA means that you are guaranteed quality work
  2. Make sure your VA has the relevant skill set or service offering that you need for your business
  3. It is always advisable to have a video call or an audio call with your VA before you hire her, to make sure you are both a good fit for one another

What kind of services does a VA offer?

The list is truly endless as to what a VA can do for your business, depending on her background and experience.

For an example of what I offer please see my service list here .

Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Save on business costs

As previously mentioned you miss out on all the costs you would usually pay for a PA based in your office, like: pension funds, medical aids, bonus pay outs, annual leave costs and the costs incurred to employ someone based in your offices.

100% dedicated assistance

What is amazing about using a VA is that you can select the tasks you need help with and choose a retainer package where you pay for the hours you need help with, instead of paying a full salary to a PA where some hours may not be fully productive or utilised in a work day.

Get that work life balance you need in your life

As a business owner we all know that your time suffers, which in turns filters into your personal life, health and family life. This is precisely why VA’s exist, to take all the unnecessary stress of your business, leaving you to focus on your personal and business life.

Who can benefit from using a VA?

There are so many sectors and various industries that are currently utilising Virtual Assistants, but let’s break it down a bit.

  • Any small business owner who does not have the budget or any staff members to assist them with the admin of their business
  • Small legal firms who desperately require paralegal assistance but on a contract basis
  • Any entrepreneur who runs their business online
  • Speakers who need their diaries run and events scheduled
  • Any entity, in any industry that has under 5 staff/consultants and needs assistance to get their processes and systems in place

If you are ready to look into hiring a VA, check out my FAQs page which provide more detail into what it’s like to work with a VA.