Here at KR Admin Solutions I believe in keeping everything simple and professional, therefore I have a very smooth process that we can follow prior to us working together. Please have a look at the process to get started below. For any further questions please see my frequently asked questions below.

The Process

Step #1 – Book a Call

In order for me to assist you in the most efficient way possible, it would be great to get to know more about you and your exciting business. Let’s have a call to discuss exactly what you need me to assist you with. You can book a call here by completing the contact form .

Step #2 – We will map out your business needs

Once we have had a call I will ask you to complete an online 5-7 minute questionnaire which will provide me with more information on the ways that you prefer to work with a Virtual Assistant.

Step #3 – We will work out the right retainer package for you

From the information you have provided on the call and the on-boarding questionnaire, we can ascertain how many hours you require my assistance for every month, as well as which retainer package will suit your needs best. Please click here for my current retainer packages .

Step # 4 – We will sign a contract and non-disclosure

We will sign an agreement so that our whole process is documented, as well as a non-disclosure so you can rest-assured that your company information is safe with me.

Step # 5 – Training will commence

It would be highly advisable for you to take me through your company background, current processes and pain points. Remember a small time investment in the beginning will go a long way, as this training will assist me to help you effectively going forward.


How do I know if my information is safe with you?

I have a very strict policy in terms of keeping my client information safe and sound. I have a standard non-disclosure agreement that I will sign for you when you sign up for my services.

Can I use your services on a longer-term basis?

Absolutely, I have longer-term pricing options for you to choose from that work out cheaper than the monthly rates. To check out the 6-month retainer pricing, click here .

Can you manage my email inbox?

Yes definitely. We will cover the logistics of how I can manage your email inbox in our on-boarding process, depending on your preferred email platform.  I can assist you to keep your email inbox clean and alert you to urgent matters that you need to attend to.

Can you accept inbound calls for me?

I am happy to receive calls on your behalf for meeting organisation etc., please do however note that my working hours are between 08h00 – 16h30 SAST and my cut off times for incoming calls will be 16h30 SAST.

Can you make outbound calls for me?

Please note that I am happy to make follow-up calls, set up meetings and various things you need me to do. However, I do not make sales or marketing calls. Also, for ongoing follow-up calls that you may require, please note that I will load credit on to my Skype and claim the expense back on our next invoice.

Can you manage my schedule & calendar?

Absolutely! We will discuss which calendar platform you use and prefer and I will assist you on how to share your calendar with me so I can assist you with your schedule, setting up meetings and managing your daily task list.

How do I know when my retainer package is nearly up?

I will be providing you with weekly time reports, and will inform you at the end of each week how many retainer hours I worked for you for that week and how many hours you have left of your retainer, so we can monitor workload and time usage.

How do we work together virtually?

We will use various online systems to work together. For communications we will use either Skype or, WhatsApp and text. For file sharing we will use or Dropbox and for calendar and email we will use either Outlook or Gmail. We will cover ways of working together throughout our on-boarding process.

How do your packages work?

I have 5 different options for you to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. You are able to move up or down to whichever package suits you best as we go along. In the beginning it may be a case of trying out a specific retainer package to see if those hours are suitable to your workload and then re-evaluate and see if another retainer option is necessary. To view my retainer packages, please click here .

Do you work on holidays?

Please note that once we commence working together, I will advise you about any planned holidays that I have for the year ahead. I will put these dates in your calendar so that you will always be aware when I will be away. Please note that I will complete any work or hours due to you on my return. I do observe all of the South African Public Holidays:

1 Jan – New Year’s Day
21 March – Human Right’s Day
10 April – Good Friday
13 April – Family Day
27 April – Freedom Day
1 May – Workers’ Day
16 June – Youth Day
9 August – National Women’s Day
10 August – National Women’s Day Holiday
24 September – Heritage Day
16 December – Day of Reconciliation
25 December – Christmas Day
26 December – Day of Goodwill


Can you assist me if I am based internationally?

Yes definitely. I work virtually, which means I can work for any client based in any country. I do however observe the South African time zone (SAST) and will be available from 08h00 to 16h30 my time. Work will however be completed within a 24 hour timeframe during the week. Any work submitted over the weekend or outside my working hours will be completed on the next business day.

What happens to hours I don’t use from my retainer?

Please note that hours not utilised during the month, do not roll over into the new month. We will keep in communications if I feel the retainer hours selected are too little for the workload or too many for the amount of work you provide to me and we will have a discussion as to if a higher or lower respective package is necessary for you and your business.