By now you may have come across articles online about hiring a VA for your business. Outsourcing has taken the world by storm, it is making more and more sense to start looking at outsourcing various activities and costs towards outsourcing for your business rather than employing full-time staff.

But why is it so crucial to look at outsourcing your admin? I can imagine that your day is filled with meetings, calls, emails, presentations and so much more. Admin is one of the areas that takes up so much valuable time, when you could actually be working on something more important.

Admin is however a super important part of any business, and if left undone for even a short period, could have long-term drastic effects on the organisation of your business.

As a start-up you need your business to run like a well-oiled machine. And this can only take place with a competent VA who is taking care of things like:

  1. Putting systems and processes in place for your business
  2. Managing your schedule and diary
  3. Following up with clients on various matters
  4. Setting up and managing your company social media pages
  5. Taking care of your email inbox and assisting you manage your to-do lists
  6. Arranging all logistics for your business and personal travels
  7. Typing and creating of professional documentation
  8. Managing your teams and overseeing projects
  9. Screening of CVs and assisting with the recruitment of new staff
  10. Marketing your business on your behalf

These are just 10 of the popular tasks a VA can take off your plate, there are so many more. As you can see, delegating this to a VA will add huge portions of time for you to focus on personal development, business strategy and most importantly your family.

With the way the tech world is progressing, there is no time to waste in terms of getting processes, systems and automation in place, to get your business where it needs and deserves to be.

A VA will change your life! If you would like to find out more about how it all works, click here and complete my contact form, so I can reach out and set up a time for us to chat about your amazing business!

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